Small Hemorrhoid


There is a small ball like a pimple on the end of my anus. I discovered this in the morning when I was washing. I initially thought it was a pimple, but on hindsight, I felt that it does not appear to be like a pimple. Besides, aren’t pimples supposed to be on the skin? This was sort of, inside the anus. There is no pain, but I am worried. With all the hype about cancer and all that…. I want to visit a doctor and get this checked out, however, I thought I should ask you before I do so. What do you think? Is it a cyst or should I start buying wigs?


From the nature of the lump you have explained, it appears to me that you are probably suffering from a hemorrhoid. Pressure on the veins in the pelvic area can cause a small lump on anus which is known as hemorrhoid. When pressure is put upon the veins blood is pooled within, thereby, causing the veins to swell. If you are feeling a small pimple like lump, you are having a small hemorrhoid. The most common cause of hemorrhoid is hurried bowel movement or diarrhea and constipation. If you have been having hurried bowel movements or been straining too hard to have a movement you can be having hemorrhoids or piles. The best method to ensure a good bowel movement is to eat foods high in fiber. This will relieve symptoms of hemorrhoids to a great deal.

Are there any other reasons that can cause Hemorrhoids?

There are several other causes that can lead to hemorrhoids. For example, being obese will bring you closer to having piles. In addition, pregnancy and labour too can cause hemorrhoids. If you have just had a baby, and you feel a small hemorrhoid, do not worry. However, it is always better for you to have it checked out by a doctor, to rule out any other medical problems. This is especially so for if you are having them for a prolonged period.

What if I have blood in my stools?

The most common cause of blood in the stool is hemorrhoids. It is quite normal for all individuals to be alarmed when they see blood in the toilet bowl or paper once they have had a bowel movement. However, when you notice this, look closely at the colour of the blood. If it is bright red it is closer to the end of the intestinal tract and therefore, is piles. If it is dark and almost brown in colour, this can be a grave problem in the gastrointestinal tract. Since many reasons are associated with rectal bleeding and lumps and growths in this area, it is always best to get lump on anus checked by a doctor.

What are the types of hemorrhoids?

There are only two types of hemorrhoids. These are internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids. These names are given as increased pressure on the internal hemorrhoidal veins causes internal hemorrhoids, and increased pressure on the external hemorrhoidal veins cause external hemorrhoids. You may not know you have internal hemorrhoids till you see the blood on the toilet paper. However, sometimes, the hemorrhoid comes out due to continuous pressure. Small external hemorrhoid appears outside the anus. It is itchy and may bleed easily. If blood clots form on the small external hemorrhoid it can be very painful.

How do I treat hemorrhoids?

There are several natural methods that can be used to treat hemorrhoids. These include eating a high fiber diet, drinking plenty of water, reducing the intake of salt, and having a bowel movement everyday at a regular time. In addition, if you are suffering from hemorrhoid pain, you can apply some witch hazel oil on your anus that will relieve the pain. Other than these home remedies, the best method of treating hemorrhoids is to get medical advice. You family doctor will be the best person to provide medication that will relieve symptoms of hemorrhoids. In addition, when you visit the doctor he will do a physical examination and other tests to rule out the possibility of more serious conditions.

While your lump in the anus area is most likely to be a hemorrhoid, do not assume that any small lump on the anus is always a small hemorrhoid. Consult your doctor if symptoms do not go away after a matter of weeks.