´╗┐Lump on Forehead

A lump on forehead can be a small, irregular bump or a large, hard lump. There are many reasons for you to feel a lump on the forehead. Not all lumps on foreheads are associated with malignant tumours. A lump on the forehead can most often result from a head injury. If you have knocked the head somewhere and do not remember doing so, the result can be a bump that appears suddenly. A lump on the forehead can also occur when mature fatty cells are accumulated. Another cause of such a lump can be due to a sebaceous cyst. Whatever the reason, if you feel or see a bump on forehead, it is always better to consult a doctor as these areas are in close proximity to the brain.

Lump due to Head Injury

When a lump appears due to a head injury, it is known as hematoma. Blood that is collected due to damage to the capillary, artery, veins or blood vessel walls results in blood leaking and clotting in the tissue. When this occurs it causes a bump on the forehead, as well as, pain and bluish or red bruise. Hematoma does not necessarily occur due to head injury. This is just one of the causes. An aneurysm and weak blood vessels can also cause hematoma. There are several types of hematoma. These include epidural hematoma, subdural hematoma and scalp hematoma. Some may cause lumps while others may not. Sometimes a blow to the head may cause internal bleeding. Therefore, it is always better to have the bump checked out to identify the underlying cause.

Lump due to Lipoma

Sometimes, you may feel a bump on forehead that is moveable, rubbery and soft. It will not cause you any pain, and you would have had it for a long time. This can be a lipoma. A lipoma is a benign cyst made up of fat cells. Although lipomas are most often found in the neck, torso, armpit or upper thighs and arms, it is not uncommon for them to form on the forehead. There is no particular cause of lipomas although heredity contributions are suspected. A lump on forehead, although may be due to lipoma should always be diagnosed by a doctor. The doctor will remove it surgically and ensure that it is not a cancerous growth.

Lump due to Cyst

A sebaceous cyst is another reason for the lump on your forehead. A sebaceous cyst is a small sac under the skin that is filled with oily material. The main cause of a sebaceous cyst is a swollen hair follicle. These cysts can develop anywhere in the body from the torso to the face and neck. They are painless and will not cause any harm. However, sometimes a sebaceous cyst can become inflamed and cause problems. If the skin around the cyst on forehead is red, tender or warm and a foul smelling odour is coming from the affected area, this is due to an infection. A doctor will prescribe steroid medication to reduce the swelling due to infection and may drain it if it is required.

Lump due to Cancer

Sometimes, a lump on forehead may be due to cancer. If you are experiencing frequent headaches, occasional loss of vision, lack of appetite and sudden weight loss along with the bump you should not wait to have it diagnosed by a doctor. If the lump on the forehead is due to cancer, early detection and treatment will help to prevent it from spreading.

Any lump or cyst on forehead should never be ignored or thought to be minor. Obtaining medical advice will be beneficial to detect any cancerous organisms in the lump. Any bump that does not show signs of shrinking within few days, or any lump that show signs of rapid expansion, should be brought to medical attention promptly.